Bollywood Mirror

Here’s my new mirror which is a fantasy on the Bollywood aesthetic.  Its a deep frame and I have attached lenticular panels depicting Hindu gods in all their Technicolor splendor onto the curves.  Its fun to watch the images morph from one to another as you pass the mirror.

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Bollywood Mirror Bollywood Mirror 2

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Monstrance Convex Mirror

My new convex mirror named after the ceremonial object that is used in a Catholic mass to hold the Eucharist.  This shape has been used for hundreds of years and is probably the original inspiration for the thousands of sunburst mirrors on the market.

Mine is made from a handmade, ebonized wooden frame and is covered with a mosaic of hand-blown glass rods from Murano.  The rods are cut then glued onto a ground of silver leaf.  The mosaic is secured by a coat of clear resin. The spikes making the “burst” are made of plexiglass.

The mirror is about 30 inches in diameter.Monstrance Convex MirrorAntique Monstrance

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The Harvest

One of Bruegel’s masterpieces seen by millions.  I have re-worked this iconic painting as part of my ombré series.The Harvest Bruegel Ombré

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The Scream

The Scream Ombré

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Day and Night

This is a lenticular piece( one image morphs into another depending on the angle that the viewer is looking at the piece) called Day and Night. The original painting is by Ingres in 1806. It is a portrait of Mlle Caroline Riviére who died just two years after the painting was exhibited. Day and Night measures 24″ by 18″
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The Argenti Convex Mirror

My new convex mirror inspired by the Medici treasures at the Argenti Museum in Florence.  Each jewel is hand cast by me and mounted in a fluted setting.  Its 18 inches across.

#markevansfineartargentimirror #markevansfineartconvexmirrorArgenti Mirror 2

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The Pourbus Ruff

Pourbus Frame DetailThis is one of my new pieces that I call “The Pourbus Ruff”. It is an exploration of vanity, one of the seven deadly sins. The frame is related to the Argenti frame I have already posted.
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The Poubus Ruff

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