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The French renaissance was a lot like today, but without the comforts. It was a time of extreme violence, economic disparity, bigotry, religious wars, pandemics, fanaticism and, surprisingly, a flowering in the arts. The parallels to the world today are dismaying and surprising.
The Valois family dynasty ruled France during this turmoil. Ambitious, greedy, ruthless, sensuous, sickly and arrogant, the Valois personified their times. Their dynasty weakened over time with each successive generation, becoming more and more divisive, decadent and distant from their subjects. The last Valois, Henry III, was a cross dressing( to me a plus!), murderous fanatic who was stabbed to death by a mad monk.

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Marguerite de Valois( 1553-1615) The Glutton

Two times a queen. Known through history as the notorious La Reine Margot. Not a bigot she saved many Protestants from slaughter. She spent her life living with sensual extravagance and reckless rebellion against the government. She was the last … Continue reading

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Louise of Lorraine( 1553-1601) The White Queen

Dull and pious. She worshiped her husband Henry III. Unable to have children she had chronic depression. After Henry was assassinated only wore white for mourning and her bedroom was painted black with silver tears covering the walls.

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Henry III( 1551-1589) The Hypocrite

Momma’s boy and probably gay. Vacillated between doing drag and wearing too much jewelry to flailing himself bloody doing penance. Vigorously persecuted Protestants when it suited his purpose.

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Elizabeth of Austria ( 1554-1592) The Kindly Bigot

The wife and queen of Charles IX. Virtuous, beautiful and warm hearted. Devout in her piety to the point rigidity. She hated her Protestant subjects to the point where she would not allow them to kiss her hand when paying … Continue reading

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The Valois Dynasty

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Thousands of Protestants were slaughtered by Catholics in the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Charles was sent into a tailspin of grief, hysteria and guilt afterwards. He accused everyone including his mother of plotting against him.

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Francis II ( 1544-1560) The Brief

Married at 14, king at 15 and dead at 16, Francis did not live long enough to do much of anything. His wife was Mary, Queen of Scots and she towered above her short, sickly husband. He died of an … Continue reading

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Catherine de Medici ( 1519-1589) The Conciliator

Catherine was married to Henry II and had to compete with his mistress Diane de Poitiers who ruled her lover. After ten years she finally produced a string of 10 children. Her secret motto was Hate and Wait. She lived … Continue reading

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Henry II( 1519-1547)The Quiet Burn

Sullen in his youth he blossomed as king and merrily killed as many Protestants as he did hunting deer. He died in a joust when a lance pierced through his eye to his brain.

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Francis I( 1494-1547) The Ambitious

Francis I was the first true renaissance monarch of France. His reign coincided with the Protestant reformation. His catholic paranoia led to increasingly violent persecution. Extravagant and sensual he left France richer in culture but economically weaker. He died of … Continue reading

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