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The Tudor Dynasty was born from the blood of the War of the Roses which ravaged England from 1455 to 1485. It was a conflict for the throne between two conflicting families, the Lancasters and the Yorks. The final victor was Henry Tudor, a minor member of the Lancasters. Henry founded a dynasty that ruled England for the next 117 years.
The Tudors paralleled the French Valois Dynasty and equaled them in scheming, bloodshed, religious turmoil, ambition, arrogance and sexual naughtiness. However, none of the Valois compared to the drama, chaos and brutality of Henry VIII’s reign and the infamous treatment of his six wives.
The struggle of the Tudor monarchs to produce male heirs resulted in a fragile dynasty and ended with the childless Elizabeth I.
In the end, the Tudors left England a larger( Wales and Ireland) country that was poised to expand into a vast empire. The standard of living rose, optimism was on the rise and the protestant reformation shifted the country to a more secular place. The arts flowered under the Tudors producing greats like Shakespeare, Nicholas Hilliard and Thomas Tallis.

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The Tudor Dynasty

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  Pretty, clever, chic, sharp tongued and ambitious, Anne kept Henry’s lust at bay for 8 years while she schemed to become wife and queen. In triumph she was crowned in 1533 pregnant with her first child Elizabeth. Three miscarriages … Continue reading

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Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536 The Virtuous

First wife of Henry VIII and daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain. She loved and was ferociously loyal to her husband of 24 years. Unable to fulfill her primary duty to bear a son and heir, she was pregnant … Continue reading

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Mary Tudor 1496-1533 The Romantic

Daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII Mary was intelligent, beautiful, spirited and willful. She was one of the most desired women of her time. She was persuaded to marry the old, gouty French king Louis XII at … Continue reading

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Margaret Tudor 1489-1541 The Conflicted

Margaret was the formidable eldest daughter of Henry VII. She was crowned queen and wife of the Scottish king, James IV. The purpose of this marriage was to create peace between the two countries. She gave birth to the future … Continue reading

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Henry VIII 1491-1557 The Monster

Henry started his reign as the quintessential renaissance prince: handsome, educated, generous and lively. However he ended his reign as one of the most unstable, greedy, neurotic, paranoid, cruel and disgustingly obese English kings. He dragged England to the Protestant … Continue reading

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Elizabeth of York 1466-1503 The Beautiful

Queen consort of Henry VII she was uniquely the daughter, sister, niece and wife ( Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III and Henry VII) of a reigning English king. Apparently happily married, Elizabeth gave birth to eight children but died … Continue reading

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Henry VII 1457-1509 The Parsimonious

The two ambitious houses of England, the Yorks and the Lancasters, clashed in armed conflict for the throne: the War of the Roses. Henry deposed the despised Richard III and ascended the throne. He married Elizabeth of York effectively fusing … Continue reading

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